CNC coordinate punching press BAYKAL BRM-1225х30

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CNC coordinate punching press BAYKAL BRM-1225х30
YOM: 2007
Trademark: BAYKAL
Machine type: BRM 1225x30
Made in: Turkey
Complete, working condition.
Capacity: 30 tons
Tool rotating: Multitool
Indexed tool: 3 and 8
Table travel X: 2540 + R mm 
Y: 1270 
Z strike: 30 mm
Reposition function: Yes
X: 90 
Y-axis speed: 60 m/min
Resultant speed: X+Y: 108 
C1/C2 (turn / speed): 40 
Number of strikes per minute: 600
Max. capacity when lifting at maximum speed: 170 kg
Max. sheet thickness: 6,4 mm
Positioning accuracy: 0,1 mm
Repetition: 0,04 mm
Max. drilling diameter: 88,9 mm
Number of clamps (+1 additional): 2
Clamping force adjustment: 100-1000 kg
Control system: Bosch Rexroth
Software: Lantek
Operating system: Windows XP
Hard disk: 40 Gb
CPU: 2 GHz
RAM: 504 Mb
Table height: 910 mm
Volume of the tank with oil: 320 l
Table dimensions: 2625х4940 mm
Machine dimensions: 2017х4227х4945 mm
Machine weight: 12,7 t

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