Thread grinder MATRIX No. 39

Offer #450

Thread grinder MATRIX No. 39
Country of origin: England


Max diameter of workpiece: 254 mm
Max distance between centers: 508 mm
Max length of grinding: 482 mm
Max capacity of collet chuck: 38 mm
Limits of grinding head turning: 45 degr
Centre tapers: Morze #4
Thread pitch: 0,42 – 305 mm
Max pitch correction: 0,2 mm on 100 mm of length
Adjustable backing-off: 0-5 mm
Number of rotation speeds of grinding head: 20
Range of speeds of workpiece slide: 1/3 – 60 rpm
Speeds on back-run: 25,4; 80 rpm or working speed
Workpiece slide motor capacity: 0,75 HP
Grinding head motor capacity: 3,5/1,25 HP
Max obliquity: 1:8
Dimentions of standard grinding wheel: 408x25x205 mm
Width limits of grinding wheel: 9,5 – 75 mm
Range of grinding wheel speeds: 850 – 1540 rpm
Internal diameters processable: 19 – 228 mm
Max diameter of hobs: 178 mm
Max diameter of thread chasers: 254 mm
Coolant tank capacity: 136 liters
Machine weight: 5080 kg

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