Gear Shapers

Gear shaper 5M150P

Gear shaper 5M150P. YOM: 1987. Max. diameter of gears cut: 800 mm; Max. module: 12 mm; Max. cutter stroke: 200 mm; Max. cutter diameter: 200 mm; Saddle indexing gear diameter: 360 mm

Gear shaping machine LORENZ SN4

Gear shaping machine LORENZ SN4. Max. wheel diameter: 180 mm; Min. module: 0,5; Max. module: 4; Max. work-piece wide: 50 mm; Max. teeth number: 150; Helix angle: 45 degrees; Table diameter: 156 mm

Gear shaping machine 51A125PF2

Gear shaping machine 51A125PF2. Gear wheel diameter: 1250 mm; Work-piece diameter: 1300 mm; Diameter of working table surface: 1000 mm; Width of cut crown: 200 mm; Max. spindle stroke: 220 mm

Gear shaping machine 5A140P

Gear shaping machine 5A140P. YOM: 1996. Max. working diameter: 500 mm; Max. working height: 100 mm; Max. module: 8; Table travel in relation to the tool axis: 355 mm; Speed of rapid table travel: 1500 mm/min

Gear shaper 5A122

Gear shaper 5A122. Max. dividing diameter of a processed gear at external and internal gearing: 250 mm; Max. diameter of installed work-piece: 300 mm; Max. module of cut gears: 5 mm; Max. width of cut gear wreath: 50 mm

Gear shaper 5M161

Gear shaper 5M161. YOM: 1984. Gear teeth type: external and internal straight teeth; Min diameter of wheels: 160 mm; Max diameter of wheels: 1250 mm; Max module: 12 mm; Weight: 10450 kg