Gear shaper 5M150P

Offer #2023

Gear shaper 5M150P
YOM: 1987
Manufacturer: KLIN Machinery Factory
Made in: Russia
Max. diameter of gears cut: 800 mm
Max. module: 12 mm
Max. cutter stroke: 200 mm
Max. cutter diameter: 200 mm
Saddle indexing gear diameter: 360 mm
Cutter arbor diameter: 44.443 mm
Spindle bore taper: No. 5 Morse
Axis-to-axis distance between cutter and table:
 -Min.: 0 mm
 -Max.: 700 mm
Faceplate diameter: 800 mm
Distance from floor to faceplate: 870 mm
Indexing gear diameter: 762 mm
Table hole diameter: 120A mm
Range of cutter double strokes per min: 33-188 mm
Range of table feed rates per cutter double stroke:
 -Circular: 0.2-1.5 mm
 -Radial: 1-5.4 mm
Table rapid rotation speed: 1.7 rpm
Table rapid travel speed: 137 mm/min
Cutter rapid rotation speed: 3 rpm
Main electric motor power: 4.8; 5.7; 7.5 kW
Dimensions: 3100x1800x3500 mm
Weight: 10200 kg

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