Facing Lathes

Facing lathe WMW DP 1000-1250

Facing lathe WMW DP 1000-1250. Plate diameter: 1000 mm; Turning diameter over bed: 1250 mm; Swing: 1800 mm; Work-piece weight: 1600 kg; Number of speeds: 12; Speed range: 5,6-355 rpm

Facing lathe WMW DP 800

Facing lathe WMW DP 800. Distance between centers: 400 mm; Swing over bed: 800 mm; Swing over cross-slide: 1300 mm; Diameter of main spindle bore: 63 mm; Power on main spindle: 15 kW

Facing lathe KRAMATORSK 1693

Facing lathe KRAMATORSK 1693. YOM: 1967. Max. work-piece weight: 6000 kg; Max. work-piece diameter above the bed: 2400 mm; Distance between centers: 1250 mm; Max. processing length in the pit: 500 mm