Laser cutting machine BYSTRONIC BYSTAR 2512

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Laser cutting machine BYSTRONIC BYSTAR 2512
YOM: 1996
Manufacturer: Bystronic Laser AG
Made in: Switzerland
Work range:
 -X axis: 2500 mm
 -Y axis: 1250 mm
 -Z axis: 220 mm
 -Standard chuck: 100-340 mm
 -Locking length: 2100 mm
 -Of positioning: 140 m/min
 -Of cutting: 50 m/min
 -Of exchange tables: 5,5/35 m/min
Lifting table interchange: 550 kg
Fixed table panel: 3500 kg
Max. stack height: 200 mm
Thickness of concrete foundation: 300 mm
Floor load: 800 kg/m2
Weight and dimensions (LxWxH):
 -Base frame with table: 4000x1950x1100 mm, 4200 kg
 -Carriage and cross bar: 4600x800x1300 mm, 800 kg
 -Safety door: 3500x2000x300 mm, 220 kg
 -Laser: 3200x900x1800 mm, 1850 kg
 -Loading frame with table: 3700x1950x1100 mm, 1000 kg
 -Loader with panel table: 3600x1400x2500 mm, 500 kg
Laser complex Bystronic Bystar 2512 (with the BTL 2800 resonator). Equipped with automatic table change, conveyor for waste disposal. Maintenance work: 1. Replacement of all rubber products on the resonator 2. Replacement of glass tubes 3. Replacement of mirrors on the resonator 4. Replacement of freon on the refrigerator. 5. Oil change in the turbine (there is one more spare in stock) 6. Upgrade of the input device on USB 7. Replacement of all nozzles 8. Replacement of the focusing lens. The operating time of the resonator is 15 000 hours. After maintenance it was almost not used, all in working condition. Can produce metal engraving.

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