Gear hobber PFAUTER P250S

Offer #1883

Gear hobber PFAUTER P250S
Manufacturer: Pfauter
Made in: Germany
Max. work-piece diameter: 250 mm
Max. module: 4,5
Diameter of work-piece-holder table: 200 mm
Table opening diameter: 55 mm
Max. mill:
 -Diameter: 115 mm
 -Length: 105 mm
Interaxial distance between mill and work-piece:
 -Min.: 15 mm
 -Max.: 175 mm
Max. mill travel: 70 mm
Number of mill revs (stepless): 65-450 rpm
Axial feed (9 steps): 0,25-4 mm/rev
Radial feed (7 steps): 0,09-1,4 mm/rev
Voltage: 220/380 V, 50 Hz
Total power: 7,5 kW
Max. work-piece weight:  200 kg
 -Length: 2200 mm
 -Width: 1700 mm
 -Height: 1650 mm
Weight of machine: 1900 kg

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