Gear hobber PFAUTER P400

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Gear hobber PFAUTER P400
YOM: 1982
Manufacturer: Pfauter
Made in: Germany


Max diameter of piece: 400 mm
Max module: 8
Max travel of mill-holder slide: 310 mm
Min no of cutting gears: 6
Diameter of piece-holder table: 400 mm
Bore diameter of table: 80 mm
Diameter of piece-holder spindle: 36 mm
Max dimension of milling cutter:
 -Diameter: 160 mm
 -Length: 160 mm
Diameter of spindle mill-holder:
 -With normal accessory: 32, 40 mm
 -With special accessory: 22, 27, 50 mm
Centre distance between milling and piece:
 -Max centre distance: 290 mm
 -Min centre distance: 20 mm
Cone morse: 4
Max moving of milling cutter:
 -Tangential cut: 126 mm
 -Shifting: 120  mm
Milling cutter speed: 80-500 rpm
Axial feed: 0.4-7.5 mm/min
Radial feed: 0.1-1.9 mm/min
Tangential feed: 0.16-3 mm/min
Voltage: 220/380 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
 -Length: 4680 mm
 -Width: 2395 mm
 -Height: 2515 mm
Weight of machine: 6200 kg

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