Cylindrical grinding machine RC-Grind 20100

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Cylindrical grinding machine RC-Grind 20100
YOM: 2013
Manufacturer: KAAST Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Made in: Germany

The machine is purchased new in 2013 and has not worked since.
Set of accessories is available.


Max. grinding diameter: 400 mm
Distance between centers: 1000 mm
Max. work-piece weight: 250 kg
Grinding wheel dimensions: 406х38х127 mm
Rotation frequency of the grinding wheel: 1375 rpm
Headstock turn: 0-30°
Transversal feed: 1 mm/rev
Spindle headstock turn: 0-90°
Rotation frequency of the spindle headstock: 30-200 rpm
Cone of the front/back headstock: MK 4
Longitudinal feed speed: 40-4000 mm/min
Longitudinal feed: 14 mm/rev
Grinding wheel motor power: 5,625 kW
Spindle headstock R-grind motor power: 0,75 kW
Hydraulic pump motor: 1,5 kW
SOZH pump motor: 0,1 kW
Weight: 2800 kg
Dimensions (length): 3300 mm
Transport dimensions: 1850х1920 mm


The machine is intended for a single-piece, small-batch and serial production.
The machine allows to grind the following types of materials:
 -Carbon steel;
 -Alloy steel;
 -Tool steel;
 -Stainless steel;
 -Cast iron;
 -Non-ferrous metals


 -Turning spindle headstock with a drive
 -Tailstock with a lever drive
 -Spindle headstock center MK 4
 -Tailstock center MK 4
 -Grinding wheel
 -Grinding wheel flange with extractor
 -Leveling device for grinding wheel
 -Feed device SOZH
 -Lubrication system
 -Working area protection
 -Diamond pencil for leveling of grinding wheel
 -Auxiliary tool
 -User's manual
 -Digital display device for R-grind
 -4-jaw chuck with independent jaws (200 mm diameter)
 -Grinding wheel (for R-grind)
 -Balancing stand for grinding wheel (for R-grind)

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