Engine lathe NILES DP1/S3

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Engine lathe NILES DP1/S3
YOM: 1982
Manufacturer: NILES
Made in: Germany

Machine is almost not used, complete.


Height of center over bed: 800 mm
Max. processing diameter over bed: 1600 mm
Max. processing diameter over support: 1250 mm
Min. work-piece diameter: 250 mm
Max. work-piece weight: 40000 kg
Max. work-piece diameter 1250
Internal spindle cone (1:10): 120 mm
Range of longitudinal support feeds:
 -1st row (stepless adjustment): 1-200 mm/min
 -2nd row (stepless adjustment): 36-3600 mm/min
Range of feeds of transversal slides:
 -1st row (stepless adjustment): 0,4-80 mm/min
 -2nd row (stepless adjustment): 14,4-1440 mm/min
Range of feeds of cross slides:
 -1st row (stepless adjustment): 0,12-25 mm/min
 -2nd row (stepless adjustment): 4,5-450 mm/min
Length of travel:
 -Of transversal slides: 760 mm
 -Of cross slides: 500 mm
 -Of incisive carriage: 100 mm
Force of feed:
 -In longitudinal direction: 8000 kN
 -In transversal direction: 8000 kN
Pintle diameter: 420 mm
Internal cone of pintle (1:10): 120 mm
Move-out of pintle: 250 mm
Travel speed of tailstock on bed: 3000 mm/min
Big lunette:
 -Min. opening diameter: 480 mm
 -Max. opening diameter: 800 mm
 -Max. load capacity: 20000 kg
Small lunette:
 -Min. opening diameter: 200 mm
 -Max. opening diameter: 500 mm
 -Max. load capacity: 20000 kg
Spindle drive motor power: 75 kW; 1460 rpm
Machine weight:
 -For 6000 mm turning length: 40895 kg
 -For 8000 mm turning length: 43925 kg
 -For 10000 mm turning length: 46715 kg
Machine dimensions: 6000 (8000 or 10000) x 7135 x 7460 mm

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