High speed press KOSICE А2-200/360

Offer #1256

High speed press KOSICE А2-200/360
YOM: 1986-90
Manufacturer: ZTS KOSICE
Made in: Czechoslovakia

Quantity: 2 units

Presses are under power, complete.
Presses come with the following devices: uncoiler, feeding, stacking and shearing.


Nominal force: 2000 kN
Distance between columns: 1400 mm
Fixing board dimensions (WxL): 1350x1100 mm
Dimensions of the working slide area: 1250x900 mm
Slide stroke: 30 mm
Distance between fixing board and slide (lower slide position, slide adjustment in utmost upper position): 400 mm
Slide adjustment: 100 mm
Fixing board thickness: 180 mm
Falling window on fixing board (WxL): 1160x360 mm
Falling window on table (WxL): 1225x360 mm
Number of traverses in slide: 4
Stroke of ejector: 4 mm
Total capacity of ejector: 200 Kn
Number of pressing fingers on traverse: 5
Height of supply of strip material above the fixing board, adjustable from-to: 150-200 mm
Longitudinal vents in slide: 50x8 mm
Material thickness, up to: 0,5 mm
Number of strokes per minute, smoothly adjustable: 100-350
Motor power of main drive: approx. 30 kW
Number of motor revs of oil pump: 1000/min
Max. strip width: 360 mm
Max. external diameter of strip roll: 1200 mm
Installation range of strip roll along internal diameter: 500-610 mm
Max. strip thickness: 1 mm
Travel of upper rollers: 6 mm
Max. roll weight: 3000 kg
Strip unwinding speed, smoothly adjustable from-to: 0,1-60 m/min
Electric motor power: 3 kW
Weight: 2200 kg

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