Knuckle joint press BARNAUL K8336

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Knuckle joint press BARNAUL K8336
Manufacturer: Barnaul
Made in: Russia
Nominal force: 4000 kN
Ram stroke: 130 mm
Number of continuous strokes per minute: 50
Stroke of ram to its utmost lower position: 1,6 mm
Distance between bolster plate and ram in its lower position at upper position of adjustment: 375 mm
Adjustable distance between bolster plate and ram: 12 mm
Bolster plate dimensions:
 -From left to right: 500 mm
 -From front to back: 500 mm
Ram dimensions from front to back: 400 mm
Ejector stroke:
 -Upper: 16 mm
 -Lower: 80 mm
Ejector force:
 -Upper: 40 kN
 -Lower: 120 kN
Main drive power: 12 kW
Press dimensions:
 -From left to right: 1940 mm
 -From front to back: 1240 mm
Height above floor level: 2800 mm
Weight: 8425 kg
Knuckle joint stamping press K8336 is intended for performing of cold stamping works that require high specific pressures at small working strokes of the ram (stamping, calibration, finishing, dimensional shaping), as well as the operations of cold extrusion of steel parts.

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