CNC Hydraulic shears TOSKAR EASYCUT 3106

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CNC Hydraulic shears TOSKAR EASYCUT 3106
YOM: 2017
Manufacturer: TOSKAR
Made in: Turkey
CNC control: CYBELEC CybTouch 6
Cutting length: 2600 mm
Cutting power: 6 mm
Cutting angle: 1,5˚
Throat depth: 180 mm
Table height: 790 mm
Distance between legs: 2980 mm
Pump: 36 m³
Motor: 11 kW
A.D. Motor: 0,75 kW
A.D. Working distance: 1000 mm
A.D. Speed: 200 mm/sec
Cutting pressings per minute: 15
Volume of lubricants: 200 l
Machine dimensions:
 -Length: 4110 mm
 -Width: 2665 mm
 -Height: 1770 mm
Weight: 6750 kg
General features:
- The durable frame is machined and welded from ST44A1 steel
- Hard and grounded cutting blades (4 sided)
- Cybelec Cybtouch Touch Screen Controller
- 1000 mm back gauge on ball screws and AC motor with brake
- 1 meter front support shoulders
- Sheet slider plates at the back
- Hoerbieger Hydraulic System
- Siemens electronic system
- Hydraulic holders
- Manual control system  of the spacing between blades 
Optional features:
- Front Angle Gauge
- Sheet Conveyor and Loading System
- Sheet Support System at the back (to hold thin sheets during cutting)
- Oil Cooler and Oil Heater
- Light barriers at the front to protect your fingers
- Laser Cutting Line

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