Thread Rolling Machines

Thread rolling machine UPWS 31.5.1

Thread rolling machine UPWS 31.5.1. Adjustable rolling capacity: 0-315 kN; Max. rolling step: 10 mm; Rolling tool diameter: 195 mm; Spindle diameter: 80 mm ; Length of the spindle: 200 mm

Thread rolling machine UPWS 25

Thread rolling machine UPWS 25. Spindle height over bed: 180 mm; Roll spindle diameter: 80 mm; Min. work-piece diameter: 10 mm; Max. work-piece diameter: 100 mm; Max. work-piece rake: 8 mm

Thread rolling machine UPWS-16

Thread rolling machine UPWS-16. Adjustable rolling capacity: 5-160 kN; Min. diameter of billet: 3 mm; Max. diameter of billet: 70 mm; Max. length of billet: 8000 mm; Max. rolling step: 5 mm; Rolling tool diameter: 195 mm

Automatic thread rolling machine UPAW 8

Automatic thread rolling machine UPAW 8. Max. length of the rolled thread: 60 mm; Max. rod length without the thread: 62 mm; Spindle diameter: 127 mm; Number of spindle revs (stepless adjustment): 0-300 rpm