Universal horizontal forging machine V1141

Offer #1863

Universal horizontal forging machine V1141
Made in: Russia
Max. work-piece diameter: 140 mm
Max. diameter of upset flange: 180 mm
Nominal force of upset slide: 12500 kN
Force on clamping slide with dies closed: 12500 kN
Stroke of:
 -Upset slide: 460 mm
 -Upset slide after closing of dies: 310 mm
Number of continuous slide strokes per minute: at least 32
Electric motor power: 75 kW
Machine dimensions:
 -Length: 8035 mm
 -Width: 4800 mm
 -Height: 3575 mm
Machine weight: 140 tons
The machine is intended for hot forming of forgings from cut-to-length blanks or rods in multiple impression dies.The machines can be used for the following technological operations: upsetting, semi-piercing, piercing, reduction, cutting, bending. The horizontal forging machine may operate in the following modes: single strokes, continuous strokes, set up.

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