Ironworker DURMA IW 80 BTD

Offer #2205

Ironworker DURMA IW 80 BTD
YOM: 2005
Manufacturer: DURMA
Made in: Turkey
Punching pressure: 80 tons
Punch capacity (diameter x thickness): 40x14 mm
Throat depth: 510 mm
Stroke: 70 mm
Number of strokes per min: 38
Table size: 550x510 mm
Largest hole: 160 dia. x 3 mm
Flat bar: 
 -Max. thickness: 300x20 mm
 -Max. width: 450x15 mm
Blade lenght: 475 mm
Angle shearing:
 -At 90 degrees: 130x130x13 mm
 -At 45 degrees miter shearing: 70x70x7 mm
Round bar shearing: 45 mm
Square bar shearing: 45 mm
Lubricant capacity: 76 l
Motor power: 5,5 kW
Frequency: 50 Hz
Working voltage: 400 V
Command voltage: 24 V
Current: 11,5 A
 -Width: 700 mm
 -Length: 1950 mm
 -Height: 2025 mm
Weight: 2580 kg

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