Horizontal boring mill HC-84

Offer #1284

Horizontal boring mill HC-84
Manufacturer: Tyazhstankogidropress
Made in: USSR Russia


Milling spindle taper: 220
Dimensions of working table area:
 -Length: 16200 mm
 -Width: 5000 mm
Max. vertical travel of spindle headstock: 4850 mm
Max. travel of front column: 15000 mm
Max. moving out of slide: 1800 mm
Max. moving out of drilling-boring head of spindle: 300 mm
Max. travel of faceplate slide: 550 mm
Max. boring diameter by faceplate: 2800 mm
Max. diameter of face turning by faceplate support: 1300 mm
Max. stroke of planing support: 1600 mm
Speed of rapid travel of:
 -Front column: 1200 mm/min
 -Slide: 12000 mm/min
 -Faceplate support: 540 mm
 -Spindle headstock: 1200 mm
Faceplate diameter: 1150 mm
Main electric motor: 220 V, 85 kW, 1500 rpm
Faceplate rotation:
 -Direct: 0,4-30; 30-86; 86-250 rpm
 -Reverse: 0,4-30; 30-86; 86-250 rpm
Feeds at boring spindle rotation of:
 -Boring spindle: 0,75-300 mm/min; Rapid stroke: 3000 mm/min
 -Front support (transversal feeds): 3-1200 mm/min; Rapid stroke: 1200 mm/min
 -Spindle headstock: 3-1200 mm/min; Rapid stroke: 1200 mm/min
Feeds at faceplate rotation of:
Machine dimensions:
 -Length: 19300 mm
 -Width: 12180 mm
 -Height: 9900 mm

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