Deep hole drilling machine RYAZAN RT265111

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Deep hole drilling machine RYAZAN RT265111
YOM: 2006
Manufacturer: RYAZAN
Made in: Russia


Height of central axis over the bed: 500 mm
Range of external work-piece diameters:
 -In a roller lunette: 80-600 mm
 -In a 4-cam chuck: 80-500 mm
Range of work-piece length: 1000-3000 mm
Range of opening diameters (boring): 50-400 mm
Max. work-piece weight: 4000 kg
Max. stroke length of stem headstock: 4000 mm
Range of spindle rotation frequencies:
 -Of work-piece headstock: 22,4-355 rpm
 -Of stem headstock: without rotation
Range of working feeds of stem headstock: 5-3000 mm/min
Rapid feed of stem headstock: 5000 mm/min
Max. torque of stem headstock: at least 8,8 kN.m
Max. productivity of pumping station SOZH: 1000 l/min
Max. pressure SOZH:
 -At 200 l/min: 4,0 Mpa
 -At 400-600 l/min: 3,0 Mpa
 -At 1000 l/min: 2,0 Mpa
Power of work-piece headstock drive: 55 kW
Gearbox power: 10,5 kW
Total power of all electric motors installed on the machine: 117 kW
Overall machine dimensions:
 -Lenght: 15700 mm
 -Width: 4555 mm
 -Height: 2020 mm
Machine weight (including electric equipment): 34150 kg

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