Gear hobber WAHLI Type 92

Offer #1968

Gear hobber WAHLI Type 92
Manufacturer: WAHLI FRERES S.A.
Made in: Switzerland
Quantity: 12 units
Max. diameter of work-piece: 35 mm
Max. gear wheel width: 15 mm
Max. module: 0.5
Milling teeth number: 6-200
Max. gear hob diameter: 24 mm
Axes distance between work-piece and tool:  
 -Min.: 0 mm
 -Max.: 28 mm
Milling cutter speeds:  
 -Number (steps): 6
 -From: 850 rpm
 -Up to: 4500 rpm
Max. travel of tailstock spindle: 10 mm 
Max. displacement of tailstock: 10 mm 
Tailstock vertical adjustment: +-0.05 mm 
Max. dive hobbing stroke: 5 mm 
Max. hobbed range, adjustable over 35 mm: 15 mm 
Adjustment range of head and tailstock spindle: 15 mm 
Max. hobbed Ø with Ø 24 mm hob: 10 mm 
Hob speeds: 850-1200-1600-2350-3200-4500 t/min 
Max. axial hob adjustment: 12 mm 
Total dive travel of hob, rapid and cutting feed: 28 mm 
Swivel of cutter spindle quill: +-3° 
Ø of cutter sindle quill: 45 mm 
Hob motor: 0.16/0.24 kW 
Camshaft motor: 0.08 kW 
Hydraulic pump motor: 0.08 kW 
Coolant pump motor: 0.11 kW 
Capacity of hydraulic pump: 11 l 
Capacity of coolant tank: 12 l 
Voltage: 50 Hz, 3x, 380 V
Power: 0.32 HP
Overall machine dimensions:  
 -Length: 630 mm
 -Width: 530 mm
 -Height: 1350 mm
Machine weight: 350 kg

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