Cylindrical grinding machine 3A174

Offer #1030

Cylindrical grinding machine 3A174
YOM: 1969
Made in: Ukraine


Max. work-piece dimensions:
 -Diameter: 800 mm
 -Length: 6000 mm
Max. diameter of grinded work-piece (at nominal diameter of grinding wheel): 710 mm
Min. grinding diameter: 100 mm
Max. grinding length: 5600 mm
Height of centres over the table: 410 mm
Max. work-piece weight: 5000 kg
Max. length of table movement: 6200 mm
Min. table stroke while switching supports: 32 mm
Manual table movement in one flywheel revolution: 23,2 mm
Speed of electromechanical table movement: 100-2500 mm/min
Max. turn angle of the table: 4 degrees
Price of one division of turn scale: 0°30'
Skew: 1:1000
Spindle cone of headstock and tailstock: metrical 100
Size of pintle tap: 100 mm
Number of work-piece revs per minute: 8-80
Max. movement size of:
 -Grinding headstock: 250 mm
 -Grinding headstock carriage: 200 mm
Size of rapid supply of grinding headstock: 100 mm
Movement in one flywheel revolution: 0,5 mm
Price of limb division on work-piece diameter: 0,005 mm
Time of rapid movement (supply-tap): 5 sec
Grinding wheel dimensions (diameter x height x opening diameter): 750x75x305 mm
Max. axial movement of grinding wheel: 5 mm
Rev number of grinding wheel spindle per minute: 368-891
Machine dimensions (length x width x height): 15100x4290x2070 mm
Machine weight: 30400 kg

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