Universal cylindrical grinding machine 3M175

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Offer #2000

Universal cylindrical grinding machine 3M175
YOM: 2007
Manufacturer: Machine Tool Plant SHLIFWERST
Made in: Ukraine
Machine was overhauled in 2014.
Max. work-piece dimensions:
 -Diameter / length: 400/2800 mm
Max. grinding dimensions:
 -Diameter / length: 400/2520 mm
Max. work-piece weight: 1000-15 mm
Max. length of table travel: 2800 mm
Height of centres above the table: 210 mm
Accuracy class in accordance with GOST 8: P
Spindle cone of headstock and tailstock in accordance with GOST 25557: Morse 6
End of grinding spindle in accordace with GOST 2323 (conicity 1:5):
 -Nominal diameter: 100h11 mm
 -Diameter of support necks: 110f7 mm
Max. grinding wheel dimensions:
 -Diameter external / internal: 750/305 mm
 -Height: 80 mm
Spindle rotation frequency of grinding headstock: 1270 min-1
Work-piece rotation frequency (stepless adjustment):
 -Max.: 180 min-1
 -Min.: 20 min-1
Circular speed of grinding wheel: 50 m/sec
Max. turn angle of upper table:
- Clockwise / counterclockwise: 2 / 4 deg
Total power of electric motors: 26,19 kW
Power supply: 3-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions with separately located equipment:
 -Length: 8310 mm
 -Width: 3690 mm
 -Height: 2135 mm
Net weight: 13850 kg
Semi-automatic circular grinders are intended for outer grinding of workpiece’s cylindrical and low-taper conic surfaces by plunge-cut and longitudinal method of grinding under conditions of simple, serial and mass production.
On the semi-automatic machine the following functions are automatic and mechanized: plunge-cut and longitudinal methods of grinding; variation of cross-cut, longitudinal and circular feedings; workpiece start-up and stop; engagement and disengagement of cooling fluid; rapid advance and retraction of grinding wheel head and tailstock movable sleeve; grinding wheel head travel along the screw; grinding wheel balancing.
The machine tools can also be produced adjusted for grinding specific workpiece.
The machine tools have semi-automatic control as well as a possibility of manual control. The semi-automatic cycle is ensured by mechanical device with electrohydraulic control.

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