Round blade grinding machine JSBEST MYD-550K

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Round blade grinding machine JSBEST MYD-550K
YOM: 2018-08
Made in: China
Control: DELTA
Max. grinding diameter: 550 mm
Grinding angle: 0-45 degree
Sand wheel speed: 2800 r/min
Motor power of sand wheel: 1.5 kW
Rotating direction of sand wheel: counter clock (left view)  
Rotating speed of blade shaft: speed adjustable 0-1140 r/min
Motor power of blade shaft: 0.75 kW
Rotating direction of blade shaft: counter clockwise or clockwise
Motor power of water pump: 0.04 kW
Capacity of water tank: 0.08 m3
Overall size: 2000x1250x1740 mm
Machine weight: 2500 kg
MYD-K round blade grinding machine is a high grade grinding machine, adopting the German coral technology of grinding equipment, featured by integrated structure, stable running, small space required, small feeding, low noise, and easy operation. It can be used for rough grinding and fine grinding.

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