Internal thread grinding machine MATRIX 69 Type 2

Offer #2050

Internal thread grinding machine MATRIX 69 Type 2
Manufacturer: MATRIX
Made in: United Kingdom
Max. lead: 50 mm
Max. diameter of bore: 250 mm
Min. diameter of bore: 25 mm
Max. diameter of component: 330 mm
Max. length ground: 200 mm
Diameter of bore in work spindle: 51 mm
Max. distance from spindle nose to grinding wheel centre line: 394 mm
Diameter of grinding wheel: 13-102 mm
Grinding wheel speeds: low 13000-18000 rpm, high 36000-42000 rpm
Coolant capacity: 227 l (normal), 318 l (optional)
Max. number of passes: 48
Max. depth of in feed: 1,27 mm
Max. side cut: 2,54 mm
Max. helix angle: 10 degrees R. H or L. H.
Work speeds: low 6-52 rpm, high 80-105 rpm
Floor space: 2550 x 2286 (normal), 2550 x 2652 (optional)
Height of machine: 1524 mm
Height from floor to workcentre: 1079 mm
Machine weight: 4570 kg
This machine has been designed specifically for grinding ball tracks of nuts employed in recirculating ball transmission units. The choice of grinding cycles enables high production or extreme precision applications to be undertaken. Complete nuts or half nuts can be ground.

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