Heavy duty lathe KRAMATORSK 1682A

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Heavy duty lathe KRAMATORSK 1682A
YOM: 1961
Manufacturer: KZTS Kramatorsk
Made in: Ukraine
Max. work-piece diameter:
-Over bed: 3200 mm 
-Over support: 2500 mm 
Distance between centers: 10000 mm
Number of spindle speeds: stepless 
Max. weight of the workpiece to be installed: 170000 kg
Range of spindle revolutions: 1,25-80 rpm
Limits of longitudinal feeds: in 0,1-40 mm/rev
Limits of cross feeds: 0,05-20 mm/rev
Thread cutting: 
-Metric (step): 2-48 mm 
-Inch (threads per 1"): 12-1 
Turning length of steep tapers: 100 mm
Number of supports: 
-Front: 2 
-Back: 1 
Turn angle of upper support part: ± 90 deg 
Max. longitudinal movement of the upper slide of the support: 800 mm
Speed of accelerated movement: 
-Support: 2,3 mm/min
-Tailstock: 2,6 mm/min
Power of main electric motor: 200 kW 
Machine weight: 350000 kg

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