Horizontal lathe SKODA S2500x12000

Offer #1657

Horizontal lathe SKODA S2500x12000
YOM: 1967
Manufacturer: SKODA
Made in: Czechoslovakia


Turning diameter: at least 1600 mm
Swing over bed: 1250 mm (diameter 2500 mm)
Swing over support: 1000 mm (diameter 2000 mm)
Centre distance (DBC): 12000 mm
Bed width: 3000 mm
Centre height: 1250 mm
Spindle bore: 160 mm
Stroke of quill: 160 mm
Quill diameter: 320 mm
Workpiece weight: 80 tons
Outer clamping diameter: 1800 mm
Min. clamping diameter: 200 mm
Feed X: 0,06-19,2 mm/rpm
Feed Z: (0,125-6) + (1-48) mm/rpm    
Power: 118 kW
Operating voltage: 380 V; 50 Hz
Rapid feed of carriage: 3000 mm/min
Rapid feed of tailstock: 2300 mm/min / 1000 mm/min
Machine dimensions:
 -Length: 19350 mm
 -Width: 4870 mm
 -Height: 2500 mm
Weight: 146500 kg

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