Horizontal lathe VUILLEUMIER VF-250

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Horizontal lathe VUILLEUMIER VF-250
Manufacturer : VUILLEUMIER
Model: VF-250
Made in: France


Height of the centers: 128 mm
Distance between centers: 530 mm
Max diameter:
  -Over the bed: 250 mm
  -Over transversal support: 135 mm
  -Of the front spindle neck: 63,5 mm
  -Of the inner spindle bore: 35,5 mm
Spindle taper: Morse 5
Spindle speed in both directions: 25-4000 rpm
Gearbox and the cutting steps:
Metrical thread (25 steps): 0,25-4,5 mm
Inch thread (27 steps): 72-4 for 1"
Module thread (25 steps): 0,25-4,5 mm
Number of:
  -Longitudinal gears: 25; 0,02-0,36 mm
  -Transversal gears: 25; 0,01-0,18 mm
Sleeve taper: Morse 3
Max sleeve travel: 100 mm
Max stroke:
  -Of the lower carriage: 470 mm
  -Of the transversal carriage: 135 mm
  -Of the cutting carriage: 140 mm
  -Power: 3 kW
  -Speed: 1500 rpm
  -Length: 1600 mm
  -Width: 560 mm
  -Height: 1255 mm
Weight: about 910 kg

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