Universal pipe threading machine RYAZAN model 1N983

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Universal pipe threading machine RYAZAN model 1N983
Overhauled in: 2021
Manufacturer: Ryazan
Made in: Russia
Processable pipes: 
 -Diameter range: 70-260 mm
 -Max. length: 6000 mm
Max. diameter work-piece:
 -Over stand: 830 mm
 -Over support: 400 mm
Diameter of spindle hole: 300 mm
Amount of spindle speeds: 12
Limits of spindle rotation frequency: 8-355 turn/min
Amount of longitudinal and cross support servings: 32
Limits of:
 -Longitudinal servings: 0,064-1,025 mm/turn
 -Cross servings: 0,034-0,458 mm/turn
Step limits of cuttable:
 -Metric threads: 1-12 mm
 -Inch threads (amount of threads for 1): 2-24
Max. turn angle of bevel ruler: +/- 10 degrees
Main motor power: 14.5 kW
Overall machine dimensions:
 -Length: 3600 mm
 -Width: 1860 mm
 -Height: 1525 mm
Machine weight with electric equipment: 9050 kg
Pipe threading machine 1H983 is designed for grinding the ends of pipes, including turning of cones and cutting of carvings: metric, inch, modular, pitchevy conical in a single and small-scale production. On the 1H983 machine, you can process rods, locks, subs, details of pipe connections.Precision category N according to GOST 8-71.

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