Vertical turning lathe KOLOMNA 1540F1

Offer #2079

Vertical turning lathe KOLOMNA 1540F1
YOM: 1986
Manufacturer: Kolomna
Made in: Russia
Type: double column vertical lathe
Swing: 4000 mm
Diameter of a faceplate: 4000 mm
Height of work-piece: 2000 mm
Max. slider stroke: 1250 mm
Right slider type: turning
Left slider type: combinated
Corner of supports turn: 15 +40
Weight of the work-piece on a faceplate: 50000 kg
Effort of cutting to a right support: 63 kH
Effort of cutting to the left support: 50 kH
The max. total effort of cutting by two supports: 100 kH
Table speeds: 0.52 - 48.7 rpm
Feeding: 0,059 - 470 mm/min
Rapid feeding: 2715 mm/min
Capacity of the main drive: 63 kw
Height above a level of a floor: 6000 mm
Dimensions (lenght-width-height): 5900x10100x7200 mm
Machine weight: 100 tons

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