Vertical turning lathe MORANDO KSS-60/65

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Vertical turning lathe MORANDO KSS-60/65
YOM: 1977
Manufacturer: MORANDO
Made in: Italy
Type: double column vertical lathe
Diameter of a faceplate: 6000 mm
Maximum workable diameter: 6500 mm
The largest diameter of the passage: 6600 mm
Height of work-piece: 6000 mm
Maximum height under tool holder: 6100 mm
Incline of the supports in one direction (outward): 25 deg
Vertical movement of the sliders: 2300 mm
Horizontal movement of the supports: 3525 mm
Transition of slider's axis behind the center of the faceplate: 25 mm
Smallest boring diameter: 450 mm
The number of revolutions of the faceplate (stepless, to regulate within each step/stage): 0,45-40rpm
Number of speeds of faceplate: 2
Minimum distance between axles of the sliders: 780 mm
Quantity of the working feeds: 0,25 - 1000 mm/min (regulation, stepless)
Speed of installation movements: 3000-300-6-0,6 mm/min
Cut of the tool: 60 X 60 mm
Swing: 6500 mm
Max. weight of the work-piece on a faceplate: 
-With 5 rpm: 150 tons
-With 40 rpm: 75 tons
Maximum torque: 33000 rpm
Movement speed of crossbar on the rack: 300 mm/min
Distance from the table of the faceplate to the lower edge of the crossbar:
-Minimum: 981 mm
-Maximum: 6431 mm
Device for conical turning on the right support. Possibilities:
-From 4 to 45 deg (in 30") in regard to horizontal table
-From 4 to 45 deg (in 30") in regard to axis of manufacture
Capacity of the:
-Main drive: 120 kw
-Installation movements drive: 11
-Crossbar lift drive: 40
Machine weight: 240 tons

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