Gear milling machine 53A50

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Gear milling machine 53A50
YOM: 1983
Country of origin: Russia
Manufacturer: KOMSOMOLEC

Used not much.


Max working diameter: 500 mm
Max modul: 8
Max angle of tooth lean: ± 60 deg
Max vertical diameter: 360 mm
Max milling diameter (integral on the support): 180 mm 
Axial milling: 200 mm
Speed of milling spindle per 1 min: 40-405
- Vertical: 0,75-7,5 rpm
- Radial: 0,2-2,25 rpm
- Axial: 0,13-2,6 rpm
Main motor power: 8/10/12,5 kW
Machine weight: 9700 kg

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