Hot forging press VORONEZH AKKB8544

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Hot forging press VORONEZH AKKB8544
Manufacturer: Voronezh
Made in: Russia
Rated capacity: 2500 tons
Shut height: 890 mm
Adjustable distance between table and slide: 10 mm
Dimensions of openings in L. H. press side wall:
-Height: 900 mm
-Width: 700 mm
Table working surface:
-L-to-R: 1280 mm
-F-to-B: 1400 mm
Slide dimensions:
-L-to-R: 1090 mm
-F-to-B: 1150 mm
Slide stroke: 350 mm
Slide strokes per minute (continuous): 70
Number of pitmans: 2
Number of drive stages: 2
Top ejector mechanism:
-Stroke: 50 mm
-Capacity: 63 kN
Bottom ejector mechanism:
-Stroke: 50 mm
-Capacity: 100 kN
Main drive motor power: 90 kW
Overall dimensions:
-L-to-R: 5940 mm
-F-to-B: 4330 mm
-Height above floor level: 7300 mm
Mass (approximately): 183-5 tons
The press has oil recirculating oil lubrication, double pitman design; shut height adjustment built into the ram.  The press designed without drive shaft with direct drive from the motor pulley to te clutch.  In order to unload the eccentric shaft from the clutch weight the clutch-side bearing housing has the extended part where the whole clutch assembly sits.  Combined with advanced oil lubrication it provides extremely long life cycle for eccentric shaft bearings.

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