Hot forging press VORONEZH K0940

Offer #2110

Hot forging press VORONEZH K0940
Manufacturer: Voronezh
Made in: Russia
Nominal total pressing force: 1000 tons
Nominal force of slider:
 -Internal: 600 tons
 -External: 400 tons
Slide stroke of slider:
 -Internal: 250 mm
 -External: 250 mm
Slide strokes in 1 min: 90
The smallest distance between table and:
 -Internal slider: 435 mm
 -External slider: 655 mm
Adjusting of distance between table and slide: 10 mm
Table size: 1000x1000 mm
Diameter of internal slider: 290 mm
Size of external slider:
 -From left to right: 900 mm
 -From front to rear: 800 mm
Stroke of ejector: 
 -Uper: 15 mm
 -Lower: 40 mm
Main moto power: 75 kW
Press dimensions: 5240x3000x5925 mm
Total weight: 65000 kg
The press is designed for low-waste technology for manufacturing round forgings, such as hollow bodies, thin disks, gears, etc. The design of the press allows the implementation of combined loading technology, in which deforming force and torque are simultaneously applied to the forging. Stamping by upsetting with torsion makes it possible to obtain thin-walled forgings by reducing the technological force and load on the tool, to reduce metal consumption and labor intensity of manufacture.

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