Hot forging press VORONEZH KB8542A

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Hot forging press VORONEZH KB8542A
YOM: 1985
Manufacturer: Voronezh
Made in: Russia
Capacity: 1600 tons
Slide stroke: 300 mm
Number of continuous slide strokes per minute: 75
Number of single slide strokes per minute: 16
Distance between table and bolster slide plate in its lowest position: 660 mm
Size of distance adjustment between table and slide: 10 mm
Upper ejector:
 -Stroke: 40 mm
 -Force: at least 63 kN
Lower ejector:
 -Stroke: 32 mm
 -Force: at least 100 kN
Table dimensions:
 -Left-to-right: 1050 mm
 -Front-to-back: 1200 mm
Slide dimensions:
 -Left-to-right: 860 mm
 -Front-to-back: 910 mm
Size of windows in press columns:
 -Height: at least 710 mm
 -Width: at least 630 mm
Number of motors on the press: 3
Main drive electric motor:
 -Power: 90 kW
 -Rotation frequency: 720 rpm
Electric motor of adjustment mechanism of closed height:
 -Power: 5,5 kW
 -Rotation frequency: 735 rpm
Press dimensions:
 -Left-to-right: 4850 mm
 -Front-to-back: 3515 mm
Height of the press above floor: 5570 mm
Press weight: no more than 119600  kg

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