Hydraulic press DNEPROPETROVSK DA2238A

Offer #1406

Hydraulic press DNEPROPETROVSK DA2238A
Manufacturer: Dnepropetrovsk plant
Made in: Ukraine

Quantity: 3 units

The press can also be used for metal working operations such as deep drawing, bending, straightening.


Nominal force: 630 tons
Slide stroke: 800 mm
Max. distance between table and slide: 1600 mm
Table dimensions:
 -Length: 1400 mm
 -Width: 1250 mm
Nominal force of ejector: at least 100 tons
Stroke of ejector: 450 mm
Slide speed at:
 -Idle stroke down: at least 100 mm/s
 -Working stroke: at least 2,5 mm/s
 -Returning stroke: 45 mm/s
Speed of ejector up: 16-50 mm/s
Nominal force of returning cylinders: 80 tons
Number of preforms: 3
Press dimensions:
 -Left-to-right: 4180 mm
 -Front-to-back: 2330 mm
 -Height above floor level: 5570 mm
Press weight: 33000 kg

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