Double-crank single-action closed press KB3539

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Offer #1938

Double-crank single-action closed press KB3539
Made in: Russia
Nominal press effort: 800 tons
Slide stroke: 320 mm
Number of slide strokes per minute: 20
Max. number of single slide strokes per minute: 15
Max. distance between slide and table in its lower position at upper position of adjustment: 900 mm
Size of distance adjustment between table and slide: 320 mm
Table dimensions:
 -Length: 2500 mm
 -Width: 1600 mm
Slide size front-to-back: 1400 mm
Bolster plate thickness: 250 mm
Effort of upper ejectors: 40 tons
Slide travel to its utmost lower position, where press performs nominal effort: 12 mm
Press dimensions:
 -Left-to-right: 4200 mm
 -Front-to-back: 3500 mm
 -Height: 8356 mm
Press height above floor level: 6600 mm
Press weight: 97600 kg
Working stroke of pneumocushions: 100 mm
Weight of pneumocushions: 5566 kg
Designed for various operations of cold sheet stamping: cutting, punching, shaping, shallow drawing. They can work as stand-alone presses with manual loading of work-pieces and removal of the stamped parts with a puller, or as a part of flow-mechanized lines.

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