Portal press CARBOX 5000

Offer #2135

Portal press CARBOX 5000
YOM: 1982
Manufacturer: AB CARBOX
Made in: Sweden
Pressing force in the middle of the portal: 5000 tons
Pressing force on the outboard consoles: 1700 tons
Piston stroke: 1500 mm
Distance between beams: 3000 mm
Stroke speed at 5000 load: 0-10 mm/s
Stroke speed at full load: 0-5 mm/s 
Rapid traverse speed: 100 mm/s
Return speed: 60 mm/s
Distance between side frames (from left to right): 6000 mm
Distance between columns (forward and back): 2800 mm
Die plate speed: approx. 25/200 mm/s
Die plate dimensions: 2500x2500 mm
Max. weight of the die on the plate: 15 tons
Screw thread: trapenoidal 65x8 mm (modified)
Overhang of the console over the side frame: 1500 mm
Press weight (total): approx. 350 tons

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