Automatic transfer press AIDA FT- 60

Offer #2133

Automatic transfer press AIDA FT- 60
YOM: 1975
Made in: Japan
Capacity: 60 tons
Capacity of every position: 15 tons
Capacity of cutting off position: 15 tons
Stroke length: 160 mm
Number of strokes per minute: 35-70
Height of die at lower stroke and lower adjustment: 350 mm
Height of adjustment of upper die: 30 mm
Max. size of cutting down: 120 mm
Max. depth of extract: 55 mm
Number of positions: 11
Distance between dies: 150 mm
Bolster plate area: 1700x550 mm
Die holder area: 135 mm
Length of feeding stroke: 150 mm
Length of clamping stroke: 60 mm
Internal width of feeding traction at clamping: 200 mm
Height of feeding line: 180 mm
Dimensions of internal traction:
 -Width: 60 mm
 -Thickness: 25 mm
Main electric motor power: 15 kW
Applied pneumatic pressure: 45 kg/cm²
Weight: 17860 kg


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