Automatic transfer press AIDA FT2-40

Offer #1861

Automatic transfer press AIDA FT2-40
Made in: Japan
Capacity: 400 tons
Capacity at above dead center 13 mm: 400 tons
Capacity between columns: 400 tons
Max. permissible pressure of each stage: 150 tons
Max. capacity of blanking stage: 100 tons
Stroke per minute: 8-12
Stroke length: 800 mm
Die height (adjustment up, stroke down): 1400 mm
Blanking stroke: 120 mm
Die height of blanking stage: 580 mm
Adjustable length of blanking stage: 20 mm
Adjustable length of tool holder: 80 mm
Dimension of tool holder: 690x1150 mm
Pitch of each stage: 700 mm
Height of lower die from bolster to feed bar bottom surface: 800 mm
Thickness of bolster plate: 250 mm
Dimension of bolster plate: 4200x1400 mm
Max. drawing depth: 280 mm

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