Trimming press VORONEZH KB9536

Offer #2078

Trimming press VORONEZH KB9536
YOM: 1988
Manufacturer: Voronezh
Made in: Russia
Rated force: 400 tons
Slider stroke: 360 mm
Min. distance between table and slide: 6 mm
Number of strokes min-1: 27
Number of the single cut-in min-1: 19
Maximum distance between table and slider (in lower position of slider): 470 mm
Size of adjustment of distance between down-stamp a plate and slider: 160 mm
Table overall dimensions:
 -From left to right: 1000 mm
 -From front to rear: 1000 mm
 -Height: 160 mm
Slider overall dimensions: 800x800 mm
Hole in the table: 630x630 mm
Window in rack: 700x550 mm
Main motor power: 45 kW
Max. working strokes of hydro-air-cushion: 100 mm
Max. force of pushing out: 12 tons
 -Max. working course: 100 mm
 -Max. force of pushing out: 12 tons
 -Max. force of a clip: 63 tons
Press overall dimensions: 2900x3100x5580 mm
Press weight: 34000 kg

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